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Career Decisions & Workplace Dilemmas

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The Workplace: Sucess or Distress.
It is possible to adjust to liking your job?

Those who work can be divided into three groups: those who enjoy their jobs, those who resent their jobs, and those who don't resent their jobs but don't really enjoy them, either. Sadly, the last two categories of workers' attitudes reflect the majority of America's workforce.

How do the lucky ones who actually enjoy work manage to feel successful and productive, seemingly building invisible shields around themselves from workplace dilemmas, politics, and obstacles?

The secret to feeling fulfilled on the job is not always finding a better job (the "perfect" job rarely exists) with better pay or having a more unbiased supervisor. But getting help and support in changing your attitude and the way you view a situation is the one and only thing you can control in the workplace environment.

Employees are feeling stressed and burned out, as there is more pressure on people than ever to do more, faster, better with less support, less budget and resources, while at the same time adjusting quickly to changes. Many experienced and skilled people face frustration at having their career expectations go unfulfilled in today's environment of downsizing, cost containment, changes in technology, outsourcing, and laws. Some typical workplace dilemmas include:

  • Conflict between you and your supervisor
  • Conflict between you and a coworker
  • A member of your team doesn't pull his or her weight
  • Low morale among staff
  • Negativity
  • Gossip/rumors
  • Change in management, job status, responsibility
  • Bullying/verbal abuse
  • A coworker or boss sabotages your work or career.

Another common stressor occurs when employees are challenged with workplace ethical or moral dilemmas, whether brought on by outside sources or one's own choice. A moral dilemma is not a choice between right and wrong (we most often choose right) but a choice between two wrongs. Moral dilemmas in the workplace can occur when you are coerced to do something that you feel is wrong, yet you are compelled to oblige because not doing so will cost you your job. There may be a circumstance where you feel conflicted—an ethical dilemma crops up regarding your company's policies and practices or new management decisions, especially those causing major change, or those that challenge your values, work ethic, or management style.

Job gratification does not necessarily come naturally because all of the elements fit perfectly in place. And it is not a constant. Irritations can lead to frustration and develop into a negative outlook. Negative thoughts come naturally (no one needs coaxing to comeup with a few). But positive thinking about a challenging situation requires, focus, effort, and discipline.

Attitude can be significantly influenced by where you choose to focus your attention. The way you think about things affects how you feel, which shapes how you act and react. It can change situations and relationships on an energetic level.

In the end, to be realistic, there are some problems that simply have no resolve. But helping you adjust to the reality, express your feelings, reframe your thinking, adjust your attitude to that fact, and seek support through counseling may be the best you can achieve while you wait it out.

Carole Landis is located in Haverford, Pennsylvania (PA) on the Main Line in Montgomery County. Her service area includes: Philadelphia, Montgomery County (Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Bala Cynwyd, Wynnewood, Villanova, Rosemont, Narberth, Gladwynne, Penn Valley, King of Prussia, Ardmore) and Delaware County (Newtown Square, Broomall, Havertown, Upper Darby).

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MEET ME ONLINE! Carole provides teletherapy counseling and coaching on a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform. She is certified in Practicing Telehealth From Home by the Telebehavioral Health Institute.

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